52nd Union Day Celebration in Abu Dhabi

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02 -03 Dec 2023

52nd Union Day Celebration

With its boardwalk adorned with UAE flags and the skies set to light up with dazzling fireworks, Yas Bay Waterfront is gearing up to celebrate the 52nd UAE Union Day. The destination unveils its epic plans in store for guests on December 2 and 3 from 5:00pm – 9:00pm.

Those heading to Yas Bay Waterfront on the weekend can expect an array of activities and entertainment inspired by the UAE’s rich cultural heritage including henna stations, where talented artists adorn guests’ hands with beautiful designs.

Guests can also try their hand at the art of sea crafts to mark a beloved tradition that is part of the country’s heritage, as well as Talli embroidery, a traditional textile handicraft that creates an intricate adornment for all types of women’s clothing and Sadu, the UNESCO-recognised traditional weaving technique in the UAE that is central to Bedouin culture.

For the brave hearted, there will be a photo opportunity with falcons, where guests can also learn more about falconry, a majestic sport that has been practised in the UAE for over 2,000 years, making it the oldest in the country. Lastly, guests can participate in Khoos weaving, the traditional weaving of date palm fronds, a craft used to make floor mats and baskets.

Yas Bay Waterfront will also host a performance of Ayyala dancers, holding thin bamboo canes and moving to a steady rhythm of drums. It is considered one of the most famous traditional dances in the UAE. On December 2 at 9:00pm, guests can lift their gaze to the sky as the stunning fireworks show starts with its reflection painting the waters and making it a picture-perfect moment.